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Intravenous (IV) Therapies involve immediate delivery of fluids, medications, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, ozone, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream, yielding 100% bio-available absorption. As an acute and preventative treatment, IV therapy has been successfully used for a wide array of health conditions, including dehydration, pain, cancer, autoimmune disease, asthma, migraines, leaky gut, colitis, anxiety, stress, fatigue, infections, toxicity, etc. By achieving nutritional blood concentrations difficult or even impossible to obtain orally, IV therapy can be effectively and efficiently life-changing, especially for the 75% of the US population that suffer from chronic disease. Dr. Varela individually examines every patient and administers every custom IV appropriate to one's needs. Aside from the conventional IV bag, IV Pushes are available for quick minute infusions & treatment add-ons for those "on-the-run" or in need of a simple boost.

Some of the therapeutics offered, include:
Oxidation with High Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) & Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone for Immune support and anti-Cancer support.

Hydration with Lactated Ringers or Normal Saline Solution for dehydration, electrolyte replenishment.

Athletic Training & Recovery (multi-vitamin/mineral & amino acid support)

Pre- & Post-Surgery Support (multi-mineral/vitamin & amino acid support)

Detoxification & Chelation with EDTA, DMPS, Phosphatidyl Choline, Lymphomyosot, or Glyoxol for heavy metal detoxification, anti-inflammation, degenerative & dystrophic diseases.

Beautify with Glutathione, B complex, Biotin, Lymphomyosot, Multi-Vitamin/Minerals, or Amino Acids for radiant skin & hair.

PolyMVA (an Antioxidant Blend of NAC, B12, ALA, etc) for energy production, gene repair, oxygen support, mitochondrial up-regulation, anti-cancer support.

Myers Cocktail (a multi-mineral and vitamin mixture) for immune support, fatigue, athletic training and recovery, etc.

Weight Loss with MIC, B12, B6, L-Carnitine for metabolism support, fat burning, & hormone balance.



IM Therapies involve the injection of healthy nutrients to promote wellness and metabolism. Intramuscular Injection options include:
• B12
• Folate
• B-Complex
• Traumeel
• Lipo-MIC with B12

& More...So please feel free to ask if there is something you desire but do not see.



IV Therapies can be used safely and effectively for a variety of disorders, including:

• Heavy Metal Toxicity
• Cancer
• General Anti-Aging
• Pain Disorders (Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc.)
• Chronic Fatigue
• Heart Disease
• Colds, flu and infections
• Parkinson’s disease
• Eye concerns
• AutoImmunity

Shots & Injections

Aesthetic Solutions

Pain Management

Weight Management