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I am a California State Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a passion for integrative & functional medicine. I currently practice within Scott Chiropractic in Danville, CA. My intention for each client is to reach their potential holistically by uncovering the root causes of ill health, rather than merely suppressing or eliminating symptoms, & resolving their most difficult health challenges. I always encourage questions, & research information about the broad spectrum of innovative & highly specialized diagnostic tools, natural therapies, & medicines used are readily available. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis & treatment, I intentionally pursue. There are often multiple hidden influences that cause illness. Environmental toxins, hidden chronic infections, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, & interrelated dental problems are all meaningful factors considered.

After your visit with me, you will have a comprehensive plan & an individualized protocol. The underlying motivation behind any treatment program is to revive your body's inherent ability to heal. Therapies may include: Lifestyle modification, Oral & IV Nutritional Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Ozone or Oxidative Therapy, Homeopathy, Mesotherapy, Regenerative Injections & more.

To ensure the best quality care, I am committed to being at the forefront of research & advancements in Anti-Aging, Aesthetic, Functional, & Regenerative Medicine. I am easily accessible providing online, phone, & follow-up home consultations. For more information, read my Yelp reviews, Like me on Facebook, or book a free “meet & greet” 10-minute phone consult right here.

EDUCATION: Dr. Varela earned her BA in Psychology & Cultural Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, continued premedical studies at the Columbia University in New York, & attained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), specializing in Women's Health & Environmental Medicine. Certified in Functional, & Restorative Medicine through A4M & AARM, & in advanced IV therapy through IVNTP. Her extensive knowledge & clinical experience in injection therapy began as a student clinician, combining IM injections & IV therapy to target many health concerns, including heavy metal burden, fatigue, infectious disease, sciatica, asthma, dementia, Parkinson’s & cancer support, among others. Along with her interest in natural aesthetics & oxygen therapies, this paved the way to create customized injection techniques, including neural therapy, prolotherapy & prolozone, biopuncture, mesotherapy, & PRP.

To expand her knowledge in detoxification & cleansing practices, she trained in Ayurvedic medicine, routinely performing panchakarma cleanses at the MDI Wellness Center, & attained a minimalist perspective on wellness with the True North Health Center, an in-patient, water-fasting facility helping to improve patients’ quality of life while weaning off medications &/or supplements.

An avid researcher & traveler, Dr. Varela began studies on human behavior & weight loss at UCLA, to migraine & HIV therapy studies in New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Emergency Room. In Peru, she performed research on adolescent pregnancy & thereafter implemented a successful adolescent pregnancy prevention program. She also has had the opportunity to speak at numerous institutions globally to diverse communities on natural therapies for women’s health, psychobiology, eating disorders, & chronic disease. She continues to travel internationally with a keen interest in traditional & advanced integrative medical practices of each country visited.