End Allergies in 10 Easy Ways, Naturally

Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 in Naturopathic Health Articles | 0 comments

End Allergies in 10 Easy Ways, Naturally 25 million Americans suffer from allergies, both food and environmental, and that number is growing. Symptoms can include headache, fatigue, fluid retention/weight gain, wheezing, cold&flu-like symptoms, rashes, hives, and eczema. According to a seasonal analysis performed by http://www.allergycapitals.com, major environmental culprits are ragweed, outdoor mold and pollen from fall weeds, which spread more so on windy days. According to an annual analysis done by...

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The Best Way to Take Bio-Identical Hormones

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What’s the best way to take bio-identical hormones?   There are several ways you can take bio-identical hormones, orally, topically, subdermally, etc. Various considerations should be taken when you decide which is best for you, like how well the hormones work, how safe they are, and how good they make you feel. In my experience, topical administration is the best. Why? Hormones are not naturally routed through the digestive tract, but through the bloodstream, and when taken by mouth, this severely...

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DHEA: It Does A Body Good

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DHEA: It Does a Body Good Remember the days of remembering where you placed your car keys, high energy and sexual desire, and that hour glass figure that made every man you walked by do a double take? If not, you may need a boost in Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).  DHEA is the most prominent circulating steroid in the human body produced by our adrenal glands, and as we age and undergo stress, so do our hormones, like DHEA. DHEA converts into testosterone and estrogen; and depending on the dosage, you can...

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2012 Revitalizing Tips for the New Year & a Healthier You

Posted by on Jan 6, 2012 in Naturopathic Health Articles, Naturopathic Medicine | 2 comments

2012 Revitalizing Tips for the New Year and Healthier You It’s 2012, a brand new year inviting a brand new, and even more amazing you! Many of you have shared interest in cleansing mentally, emotionally, and physically, but needed to get over the hump of the holiday season to start fresh, so now’s our chance! Here, I’ve provided 12 healthful solutions for long-term balance and wellness. Enjoy! 1. Start with a 3-7 day cleansing fast with organic vegetable and fruit juices to release toxins from the body...

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