What are Biopuncture and Mesotherapy?
Biopuncture and Mesotherapy involve the injection into the skin or muscle of specialized sterile nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic remedies.  Both of which can be used to treat a number of conditions from muscle pain to wrinkles. Biopuncture is effective in treating localized musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and sports injuries and can be used to help with lymphatic drainage of toxins from the body and improve the immune system to prevent colds and the flu.

Aesthetic Mesotherapy uses specialized vitamin, mineral, and homeopathic remedies that can help improve skin tone due to the loss of collagen, reduce wrinkles, repair sun damage, reduce scars, reduce cellulite, and help regain the smooth, firm belly, thighs, arms, chin, and neck of your youthful body.

What kinds of products are being injected?
Products commonly used for example, include phosphatidyl choline, lipo-MIC, coffee, artichoke, low dose homeopathic remedies that may contain Arnica, Echinacea, Columbrina or Chamomile. Arnica is used for muscle pain, Columbrina is helpful for digestive problems and Echinacea increases the natural defense system of the body. Other products may be used for lymphatic drainage, inflammations, sports injuries and muscular cramps. Aesthetic Mesotherapy products are designed to increase oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and remove toxins and wastes from the cells that cause aging, fat deposition and enzymatic damage.

How can these dilutions actually have an effect on the body?
Small doses of the right product can have an important effect on the natural defense and bioregulation systems of your body. The effect can last for months or years. Biopuncture and Mesotherapy produce effective results because they can stimulate your immune system to restart its innate healing capacities.

But how does Biopuncture work to help me with my pain or inflammation?
In conventional medicine, the drug you take suppresses your symptoms immediately. That is why you need to take high doses of chemical substances in order to suppress, for example, pain or inflammation. Usually it works immediately,but as soon as the medication stops working, you have to take another pill to “kill the pain” again. However, in Biopuncture, the homeopathic substances stimulate the natural healing processes to increase local blood circulation, repair tissue, relax muscles and detoxify the body. Neck pain and back pain respond well to Biopuncture, but one can also treat ankle sprains, shoulder pain, achilles tendonitis, tennis and golfers’ elbow using these natural treatments.

Can Biopuncure be used to treat allergies and other diseases?
Biopuncture is not just used for pain problems, osteoarthritis or sports injuries. Allergies and inflammations also respond to Biopuncture. For example, one can treat asthma, eczema and hay fever, and even patients with bronchitis, cystitis and sinusitis can be treated with this technique. Other conditions which can be treated include migraine, tension headache, sciatica, and so on.

How can Mesotherapy improve my skin?
Mesotherapy is not like chemical fillers or like Botox injections.
The homeopathic remedies used with mesotherapy improve skin circulation by detoxifying the cellular matrix of the skin thereby improving nutrition and hydration,  signaling the body to self-recover.

Benefits of Cosmetic Mesotherapy:
Decreased fine lines & wrinkles
Decreased photo aging (UVA/UVB damage)
Decreased puffy eyes & dark circles
Decreased double chin
Decreased varicose veins
Improved circulation
Tightened pores
Increased collagen production
Firming, lifting, rejuvenating

When the skin ages or is damaged there is a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This causes wastes to be deposited in the cells’ matrix and undrained toxins can, together with the physiological aging process, cause a slowdown in cell function and subsequent enzymatic damage. This results in reduction of important components like collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid which keep the skin young looking. In addition to cosmetic treatments Mesotherapy can be used to treat fibrocystic breasts and to help tone the breast tissue.

Mesotherapy 1
Biopuncture & Mesotherapy are safe and efficient techniques in naturopathic medicine. They use nutrient and homeopathic injections to stimulate the natural self-healing capacities of your body.

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